13th January 2015

Wow, I've not updated my site for three years. I have been busy in the mean time. My SoundCloud page is the main repository for INfest8 audio. I've just had an EP out with Konqistador, it's currently available for free.

5th January 2012

I've put INfest8 on hold for a bit whilst I concentrate on my Other project. Hope you enjoy.

4th June 2011

I've uploaded a couple of recent tracks. Been so busy with work, have a load of stuff in the pipeline.

muzeek page.

30th October 2009

New INfest8 track - 5.

4th October 2009

A new track. I haz one - Feel.

24th June 2009

New song *gasp* - Be Like You.

27th April 2009

I've been pretty quiet since my life combusted late last year, but now I'm getting back on top of things I've finally been able to start making muzeeks again. In My Name is the first track I've managed to do from start to finish in a long a time. It's not my best work, but I think it's ok.

3rd September 2008

A new track - All the Change in You. I've also got about half a dozen half finished new tracks in the pipeline. Keep checking back.

13th June 2008

Wow, it's June already - where does the time go? Well, over the last couple of days I've produced this new little ditty called March for your listening pleasure.

23rd April 2008

My Konqistador remixes were featured on the front page of iTunes Australia all week :)

10th March 2008

I've upped a new track called Bullshit to my various pages (see linx) and the muzeek page.

10th January 2008

I've finished the final installment of my trilogy of remixes for Konqistador. "Static Prosthetic" is available from from the muzeek page or head to MySpace. It's been good fun working with these guys and I hope to continue the relationship.

13th December 2007

I've been working another remix for Konqistador - "Electriker". Download a 320kbps MP3 from the muzeek page or head to MySpace.

30th October 2007

The remix of Konqistador's "Dead Dead Down" is complete. Either grab a 256kbps MP3 from INfest8's MySpace, Konqistador's MySpace or a 320kbps MP3 from the muzeek page here.

I'm pleased with it :P

25th October 2007

I've been very busy lately working on a remix of "Dead Dead Down" for Konqistador. It's almost ready to ship off to the band. Keep your eyes peeled, I'll be uploading it here once I have the go ahead.

2nd August 2007

Following what appears to be a recent influx of interest in my muzeek, I've managed to find a bit of time to dig out some MP3s and upload them to the muzeek section. All MP3s are free - download, mix, burn, give to your friends, play in clubs - I don't really care - but if you can give me and/or this URL a mention I'd be grateful.

18th July 2007

I've been really busy for what seems like forever now. I'm currently engaged in a research project looking at attitudes of Australian musicians towards copyright law and digital distribution. I'm also planning the writing of a book (tentatively) titled "Thou Shalt Not Steal" on the subject of transformative appropriation in various subcultures. On top of all that I've also been writing some blog software and some other online applications for work, plus all my usual workload. So, yeah, I've been a bit busy and haven't had much time for muzeek lately.

I do have a new track, however, called The Day That I Live In which is available from the muzeek section.